Every now and then I have the feeling I've totally lost my mind. It's a great feeling.

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This is my second favourite drawing I have ever made

I flex with this one everywhere because this is the only landscape drawing that has ever looked good comming from me :,,,,,,,D

iceland, november 2015

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decadencethief on twitter is making a greek mythology inspired vn called six pomegranate seeds, and this is the protagonist, persephone, scheming. plotting. what is she up to?

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Sinnesro - 17.06.20

The Witch Part One: Subversion

Objecthead Tarot

Cards I did for the Objecthead Tarot zine: Ace of Swords, The Hanged Man, Three of Swords, Page of Pentacles and Six of Pentacles.

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Alphems Arboretum - 04.06.20

giveaway prize art for @kingtulip ft. charizard banescale

recent painting practice.

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Fiction does affect reality. I won't beg people to try to understand what they're supporting when they say otherwise. But you are hurting people if you do.


summer's evening, 24.06.20

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lazy afternoon, 14.09.19

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the queen, a light // the queen, alight

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yes that’s right, connect to the open wifi access point you saucy little minx

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Stadsparken, Borås - 26.07.19