- super new to social media

- 19

- bi guy

-mixed South Asian (thats complicated) and white (idk and idc abt that part)

I like the following:

Comic franchise:

DC comics,nightwing, donna troy, teen titans (characters,comics/movies/live action) , star and gotham city vigilantees, black panther, superman, young justice, northstar, miles morales, kamala khan, black panther, thor, daredevil, black lightning, venom,

Tv shows

avatar cartoon series, haunting of hill house netflix series, santa clarita diet, the good place, bojack horseman, queer eye, the new she-ra, star trek


the adventure zone, blackchapel of the blood crow stories, eos 10


Star wars, janelle monae, discworld, lotr, the raven cycle, six of crows, harry potter,


countless other stuff

Is what i used for the icon